Xilisoft Multiple Desktops

System Requirement 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above; 256MB RAM
File Size

6.26 MB

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With Xilisoft Multiple Desktops, you can organize multiple virtual desktops on your computer and quickly switch between desktops with user-defined hotkeys. The multi-desktop manager lets you to create your own passwords to keep your workplace safe. All hotkeys and desktop displays are customizable.

Key features:

1.Xilisoft Multiple Desktops gives you extra desktop room by creating and managing multiple virtual desktops.

2.Simply and quickly switch from one desktop to another one with user defined hotkeys or clicking the left and right mouse buttons.

3. Create your own passwords for one or more desktops.

4. Define your own hot-keys to change between desktops.

5. Create up to 9 desktops on your computer and select desktops display to arrange the layout.

  • Free Download
  • Buy It Now$9.95