Xilisoft Password Manager

System Requirement Intel Pentium庐 4, Intel Centrino, Intel Xeon, Intel Core鈩?Duo or
other compatible processor; 512 MB.
File Size

5.78 MB

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Xilisoft Password Manager is a first-class password manager and web form filler to help you store all your passwords, logins, credit card numbers and any other confidential information in an incredibly secure form. To safeguard your personal information better, Xilisoft Password Manager provides you with securer login way and double password protection, and also a built-in password generator to generate strong password.


1. Fill in the web form with your account and password automatically.

2. Upload your local data to Gmail server data and read Gmail server data to create local database.

3. Allow you to log in your database with password, USB flash disk, or both.

4. Set extra strong password for record to guarantee the security of your record.

5. Offer a password generator to generate robust and strong password including upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

6. Lock the program automatically when no mouse or keyboard action happens within a certain time, the screen saver is running, or Windows is locked, or lock the program manually if needed be.

7. Enable you to install the program to flash disk for the convenience of using the program to manage your passwords on any computer.

8. Multi-user can use independent database and password to manage their personal information respectively from one password manager.

9. Record any modification history, and recover any selected history at any time.

10. Up to 30 templates are provided to store kinds of personal information, which can be customized to personalize your record card and create new template.

11. Specify the keyword, search range, match option, direction, etc., and search the record you want.

Xilisoft Corporation focuses on the users' experience all along, offering the most easy-to-use software and consummate service.

  • Free Download
  • Buy It Now$29.95