How to compare two images? Use Abonsoft Image Compare

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Abonsoft Image Compare can help you to compare any type pictures with their differences highlighted. It also works well for images with different sizes.

Just pick up their align point, the software will align the two picture automatically and compare them. The compare result can be in mask mode in two different color, or be highlighted with transparent background. It is very easy to use.

Key Features:

Compare from pixel to pixel

Can set the compare tolerance

Support dragging in files

Compare for different type pictures

Compare for different size pictures

Can pick align points to compare

Zoom in, zoom out as you wish

View the comapre result in mask mode of two colors

View the comapre result in transparent mode

Can save the compare result to an image file

  • Free Download
  • Buy It Now $29.99    NOW ONLY $9.99

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